free CNA training in NYC

Free CNA Training In NYC: 4 Questions To Ask

With the rising cost of training and education, it is understandable why many Americans are looking for free CNA training in NYC. The good news is that candidates may not have to look far to get what they are looking for to receive the appropriate training that will allow them to take advantage of employment opportunities in the State and quite possibly even those out of State. This poses huge benefits to those who are qualified, especially in light of the fact that the healthcare industry is projected to be one of the fastest growing one within the next few years.

The Department of Labor has revealed that tens of thousands of jobs will be created every year that all qualified CNA will benefit from. These jobs are accompanied by job security and huge potentials for career growth. Residents of New York City only need to be vigilant and disciplines to benefit from the free CNA training in NYC. To ensure that all candidates can make the most of these opportunities, it is imperative to ask some basic questions.

1. What are the basic training requirements?
It is vital that candidates for free CNA training in NYC cannot just walk-in and enroll. They need to be aware of the basic training requirements to help minimize their time and effort to make it more productive for them. Most of the training requirements are minimal like:
• Should be at least 18 years old
• Must not have criminal records
• Capable of lifting at least 40 pounds to help manage patients
• Must have a 6th grade level reading and writing capability
• Can legally work within the United States
• Has compassion towards patients

It is not essential to be fluent in English, as long as you can carry a conversation on a daily basis. Some of the programs may require candidates to have a high school diploma or its equivalent GED. Other specific requirements can be provided by the training centers that you wish to attend to help you get your certification.

2. What are the common sources of free training?
Keep in mind that the free CNA training in NYC will be available to all qualified candidates, but there may be a waiting list for some due to the huge demand and large number of applicants. This highlights the importance of contacting enrollment specialists before they go to a particular training center. Much like any other endeavor, investing in research can allow for more potential success with each opportunity. Some free programs include:

• Bronx Educational Training Center – part of the University of New York system, it provides for a tuition-free medical assistance training program. It can deliver a free GED, pre-GED, and EMT training for qualified candidates.
• New York City Department of Education – this free training program is offered through the Office of Education and Continuing Education, and is available in the five boroughs. More information on the enrollment and training requirements are available from their website.
• Visiting Nurse Service – free nursing assistant training is provided to residents of New York City to prepare them for a career in the home health industry. The free training however does not cover the cost of textbooks.
• Workforce Grants – low income households qualify for this program that will provide free nurse aide training to qualified candidates. All candidates should be a member of Workforce, which is also free. Simply follow the grant application guidelines to apply.
• Local Adult Learning Centers – there are quite a number of these centers that are giving away free training centers to qualified candidates. The options are available to those who do not have the means to pay for the training programs.
• Adirondack Medical Center – these are paid training programs, which means that candidates get paid while they are being trained. This means that they are open to those who are willing to be trained and have the ability to work in the facilities in Tupper Lake and Lake Placid.
• Educational Opportunity Centers – free trainings are designed for self-sufficiency of qualified candidates. All the pertinent coursework will be covered by the free training program to make them capable of executing their responsibilities in a real healthcare setting. Some centers available for free training are in universities and colleges, with corresponding eligibility requirements for admission:
o University of Buffalo
o Hudson Valley Community College
o The College at Brockport
o Rochester Educational Opportunity Center

Applying for scholarships is also a viable alternative to become a CNA. There are college and vocational educational institutions that offer such programs to qualified candidates yearly. These are just some of the opportunities for free training in New York.

3. What is the training coverage?
In general, the training programs being offered to candidates for nursing assistant would include at least 75 hours of classroom work. It will also incorporate a minimum of 45 hours of hands-on patient care. Upon completion of these initial requirements, candidates should prepare for and pass the State required certification examination to make them a qualified CNA. Make sure that all the programs have been accredited by the State to ensure that you become eligible to take the certification examination and be employed in the State.

4. Who is responsible for reviewing training programs?
The programs for free CNA training in NYC are reviewed by the State to ensure that the instructions are at par with set standards. They however allow for flexibility in the length of the training programs, as long as they have both classroom and clinical instructions. Comparatively shorter than in most States, the quality however is comparable or better, which adequately prepares candidates to assume the role of a CNA.

These are all relatively important questions to ask when thinking of taking free CNA training in NYC.